Which is the Best Sleep Position - Front, Back or Side?

If you are also sleeping in different different sleep positionat night to try which one is good and benefical and best sleep Position. Then read this article to know about Which is the Best Sleep Position - Front, Back or Side?

Best sleep position

Best Sleep Position

We all know how important sleep is for our life. After all, it ends up being ⅓ rd part of total life. So slacking off during sleep can hurt our body which can lead to many problems like feeling lethargic all day long despite getting 8 hours of sleep. Having body pain especially back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain can happen due to not having proper posture during our sleep. 

The benefits of having proper sleep posture can be many and aid in proper body maintenance.

For example;

Benefits of proper sleep posture.

  • Better blood circulation

  • Relaxes body

  • Proper digestion

  • Feels energetic the next day

  • Proper body growth

  • Better body posture

  • Fewer chances of neck and back pain.

Common sleeping posture.

The most common sleeping posture that people follow is either lying on their abdomen, sleeping on the back, or sleeping sideways. But which among them are best for us? There is no proper evidence that a sleeping posture is suitable for all. 

Choosing which sleep posture suits one depends on their body type, their last meal, their health problems, their airflow, their physique, and all.

But we sure can give a general idea of which sleep posture suits a human body.

Sleeping on abdomen

This is one of the most common postures that many people use, especially the youths. But this is the worst posture one can use, and should never be preferred. 

The reason it shouldn’t be preferred is that while lying down on our abdomen the lungs don’t get enough space to expand as a result the airflow is very minimal and this hinders proper oxidation of the body.

Another reason is that lying down on the belly increases the size of it and I’m sure that is the last thing one wants as it gives a bad look to the body.

The other problems like giving the bad resting positions to the spine and neck shouldn’t be unnoticed. Those who sleep on their abdomen surely feel neck pain or back pain.

Then why do we feel relaxed while sleeping on the abdomen? 

This sure is something that many ponder over, the reason is sleeping in this posture sure relaxes the body for a starting period that is almost around 10 min or so, but if continued for a prolonged period the neck don’t get enough space to move, and this cause pain and also the back is not in right alignment.

You can use this posture for an initial 5-10 min if you haven’t eaten anything for around 2-3 hr at least but after that do change your posture.

Sleeping on your back.

This is considered among the best posture but it isn’t. The reason is not that it causes some problems but it is not suitable for all. 

This posture sure helps in case of back pain and neck pain and does relax the body as well.

But when done by a pregnant lady or any person with heavy belly fat, this might be problematic for them, after all,it puts too much tissue on their stomach region and this will be very uncomfortable for them and rather than helping in back pain, it might be up to giving one.

But this calms the body and is good if preferred for a short period.

The common mistake that many do is that they don’t use a pillow sometimes while in this posture but it shouldn’t be done and a soft pillow should always be used from the neck to the initial shoulder region and if possible roll a towel and put it beneath your back as well where there is a little curve in, this sure will help a lot in your back and neck pain.

Sleeping on sides.

This is the best position one can use but which side to prefer, whether the one at the left or right.

Many argue that the left is best but is it so?


Both sides have their benefits but for maintaining a posture for a prolonged period it's better to sleep on our left. But the shoulder should be kept a little ahead giving it a relaxed position otherwise the whole body weight will be on it and it might give pain. Sleeping on the left side is best for our digestive system as all the acid is on one side and doesn't require more strength to break the food. While sleeping on the left side our right nostril is more active and this gives a warming effect to the body. If you use Ac or live in a cold place, sleeping on the left side will be best.

Sleeping right is preferred if you haven't eaten anything in 4 hours and are looking for a nap only. Sleeping right may put unnecessary pressure on our digestive system. If the temperature is high or you are having heat in your stomach, prefer sleeping on the right side for a while, as this time our left nostril is active and gives a cooling effect to the body.

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