What are the Myths and Benefits of Swimming?

 If you also want to know some myths and benefits of swimming then you should read this blog about some myths and benefits of swimming.

Benefits and Myths of Swimming

benefits of swimming

We all know how fun and interesting swimming is and packed with lots of benefits but very few know about them.

In the following blog, I'll try to list out all the benefits you will get with a disciplined swimming routine. But before that, rather than treating swimming as a one-time recreational activity, try to add it to your daily routine and at least give it 30 minutes of your time. This will aid your personal as well as professional development.

But before that, there are some myths around swimming which should be cleared as well so that you become more confident while swimming

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Myths around Swimming

  • Need for perfect physique- Many believe that they need a good physique before starting swimming, but it's not true. You can start with whatever type of body you have been it skinny, obese, tiny, injured, or anything. Swimming helps you to improve your physique rather than demanding it.
  • Sweating- many think that since you are in the water, you don't sweat but this is far from the truth. In reality, you perspire as you do in regular exercise but because of water, we aren't aware that much. So it's necessary to hydrate yourself before and after swimming.
  • Holding breath- some fear that since they can't hold breath for long, they won't be able to swim but there's no need to hold. One just needs to learn how to exhale and inhale properly and at the right time, which will happen with time.
  • Green hair- many think that while being in chlorine water for a prolonged period, their hair will turn green. But this never happens, copper sulfate turns your hair green, and always wear a head cap while swimming.
  • Use of equipment is cheating - some try to avoid swimming saying that the use of equipment while swimming is not swimming but cheating. But equipment helps in better posture and aid in increasing efficiency while working on fundamentals. And on the contrary, using equipment is harder as the weight is increased.

There are other myths as well like you have to wait at least an hour after eating before starting swimming, you need to be good at swimming since childhood, you can't lose fat with swimming and all.

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Benefits of Swimming

Coming to our main topic, here are some of the most important benefits you'll get with a proper swimming routine.

  • Total body workout- swimming helps in the workout of your whole body at the same time. As there are many muscle groups involved and as a result, you can have a pretty balanced workout for all your muscles. Unlike going to gyms where we target a single muscle group at a time, here at swimming we can target all simultaneously. And due to this, we can complete our workout in less time as well without overburdening a single muscle group.
  • Cardiovascular fitness- swimming being an exercise that requires your proper breathing helps to increase the fitness of your heart and lungs. The controlled method of breathing trains your heart and lungs to maintain the proper functioning of the body despite having a lack of oxygen. And due to this, you won't feel a lack of energy.
  • Lifelong fitness- while with other heavy exercises which you can't perform throughout your life, swimming is something which you can perform at any age group and with any skills. And this routine will be with you throughout your life.
  • Great for people with injuries or disabilities- the low impact of swimming on your body helps you perform this exercise despite any circumstances. Water supports you as well and doesn't let you get imbalanced. Performing regularly increases your confidence and helps in self-acceptance.
  • Safe during pregnancy- while there are many exercises which you can't perform while pregnant, swimming is not among them. You can use it to maintain your body without harming your child. But it's always safe to consult your doctor before doing as there are many other factors involved.
  • Burn massive calories- it burns a huge amount of calories and if you are looking for weight loss, this is among the best. Just 1hours of swimming can burn up to 1000 calories, which is pretty huge compared to running or any other cardio. The reason behind this is that water is 800 times denser than air so exercising pushes your body higher, surpassing your limits.
  • Improves sleep- swimming along with toning your muscles, relaxes your mind as well. This helps to burst out the stress, and this helps you to get sleep in peace. The tiredness and tension of the whole day just flow out with the waves of the pool leaving you in place of utmost relaxation.

So add swimming to your daily routine without any fear and get all the healthy benefits.

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