Reasons & Solution on How to Stop Hiccups?

If you also face regular hiccups and want to stop it but you do not know any working methods then read this article on How to stop hiccups with some working solutions.

How to stop Hiccups?

how to stop hiccups

Now we all know how annoying a hiccup can be and sometimes painful as well. No one says that having a hiccup was quite an experience and they want to experience it again.

But the remedy for hiccups are very few and don't always work for everyone.

The reason behind it is yet not clear. There is no 100% confirmation for why the hiccups happen in our bodies and how bad they can get. And what are the remedies we should follow to get rid of them?

However, I'll try to answer all the possible solutions and reasons ahead.

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Possible reasons for hiccups.

The most probable reason said for having hiccups is that our diaphragm goes under sudden involuntary contraction and that very instant our windpipe closes, so the air trapped gets bounced from the voice box causing a sound of hicc.

The reason for having this can be many like:-

  • Excessively fast eating

  • Drinking too fast

  • Swallowing air

  • Excess smoking

  • Alcohol

  • The sudden change of temperature- may be from drinking or eating something excessively cold or hot, or by taking cold showers after heavy exercise.

  • The most common reason however is said to be a sudden change of emotions - maybe emotional stress or some sudden excitement.

Some argue that having hiccups is related to some evolutionary change we went through. As it doesn't make sense for the body to allow air to pass but stop it before entering. It is said that hiccups are related to the breathing change we went through over time that is from water creatures to land animals. No matter what the reason is, we all hate to have hiccups. 

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Types of Hiccups:

  1. Short Bout hiccups- these hiccups last for at most 48 hours and go away themselves. In most cases, they start for no apparent reason and many people suffer from time to time. The problem arises when it's the second type.

  2. Persistent hiccups- They last way longer than one expects and are painful to have. They may be the cause of some underlying diseases. Over 100 diseases are reported and somehow said to be the reason for having persistent hiccups. Some of them are common such as acid reflux and some are rare. But one would normally have other symptoms as well apart from hiccups.

An interesting fact about hiccups is that the longest hiccups ever recorded were by Charles Osborne.

Charles Osborne (the USA, 1894-1991) started hiccuping in 1922 while attempting to weigh a hog before slaughtering it. And he hiccuped for around 68 years.

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Possible solutions for hiccups.


Remember not all the techniques need to work for all. All the possible methods are based on individual experience and there is a high probability that some will work for you.

The methods to Stop Hiccups

  • Valsalva maneuver- it's a technique where you inhale a high amount of air and hold it while trying to push your muscles as if trying to push air out like done during childbirth. 

  • This technique by Dr. Eric Voigt proved to be very effective and had cured many. In this one, you have to drink water from the opposite side of the glass from which you usually do. This tilts the head and the way your abdomen contracts may help to stop the hiccups.

  • Swallowing granulated sugar

  • Drinking iced water

  • Eat a lemon or tasting some vinegar

  • Pulling out the tongue.

  • Holding your breath for a short time and then breathing fast or breathing into a paper bag.

  • Swallowing water with your nose closed.

  • And ask someone to scare you.

The reason behind all these is to break the circle and to trick the brain that everything is okay. And better to focus on other things.

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