(Best Ways) How to Increase Body Height at Home?

If Your body height is not increasing and you want some tips to increase your height at home then read this guide on healthyblogzone about How to Increase Body Height at Home.

Increase body height

How to Increase Body Height at Home

Many find it extremely difficult to increase their height and believe that it’s not possible to fight their genes. Now they couldn’t be more wrong about it. However I agree it’s not possible to increase from 5 ft to 6ft or so, but it sure is possible to give you more confidence than before.

Growth hormone or somatotropin, also known as human growth hormone (HGH), secreted by pituitary gland helps to build increase height as well as in building more muscle and bones.

So for increasing one’s height it’s important to have proper stimulation of the pituitary gland.

Even our ayurvedic scriptures have provided many magical ways by which one can increase their HGH secretion thus breakthrough their stuck phase of the same height.

But one must be serious and disciplined enough to be able to get out natural phase, one must be ready to leave their comfort phase. And it’s possible to expect their growth if someone slacks off.

The methods are a combination of exercise, nutrition, some ayurvedic treatments (not really treatment but more of a medicinal practice), and some posture maintenance.

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Nutritions necessary for increasing height are;

Nutritions are the second most important factor responsible for our overall physique after genes.

So if your genes are not according to your preference, having proper nutrients is the only way to achieve your milestone now.

  • The most important one among them is protein, responsible for the proper body maintenance, sure gets missed in our diet and today’s hustle-bustle of life. One should therefore take careful account of fulfilling their protein requirement, at least 1g per kg body weight. Foods like chicken breasts, paneer, soya, pulses are among the rich sources of protein.

  • Calcium - responsible for our proper bone structure, it is richly available in dairy products as well green leafy vegetables. 

For the body to be properly able to absorb the calcium it is necessary to have vitamin d and which can be a better source than spending some time in the sun.

Having a balanced diet is thus very important, so try to avoid as much as possible packaged foods, junk ones, and also oily and street foods. As they make our body lethargic and gave a look of bad lifestyle.

Try to avoid alcohol consumption as well as smoking as they don’t let the body to bring out the maximum benefit from our food. Always remember what we eat is what gets reflected on our body.

Exercises necessary to affect our height are;

The basic of exercise for affecting height is giving our body proper stretch so that the muscle and spine and elongate to their maximum potential.

So all the exercises involving stretching, running, jumping will help us do the work.

  • High-intensity Workout-  Exercises like repeated sprints, weight training, circuit training, or interval training helps us booting HGH a lot and also in losing fat( if you are in a calorie deficit).

  • Surya Namaskar - This 12 stepped asana gives proper stretch to our body which is especially after waking up is very necessary on empty stomach.

  • Chakrasana- this asana helps the spine to stretch to its maximum potential relaxing our spine and increasing chances of growing height.

  • Some other stretching can be toe touching, pull up, or even just hanging helps a lot.

Sleep for height.

It may sound absurd but our height grows mostly when we are sleeping, so it’s very necessary to have a proper sleep of at least 8-9 hr.

Try having a proper sleep while sleeping is also very necessary, this may be uncomfortable for some at the beginning but daily practice will not cease to wonder them.

For this try to not using a pillow and sleep straight with both hands straight. Or you can keep the pillow below the knees.

Try focusing on the third eye (middle of forehead) before sleep. As our pituitary gland is present there, focusing helps to increase the secretion of growth hormone. Practice for at least 2-5 min daily.

Ayurvedic remedy for height.

There are many remedies provided in our yoga sutras to help us get through daily life problems.

The same goes for increasing height as well, so what you have to do is;

Take ashwagandha powder with milk (if possible prefer camel milk as they are much more beneficial, the camel milk powder can be bought online as well) before sleep, if want can take twice a day as well. Ashwagandha is well known for stimulating HGH secretion, taking it for at least 45 days will start showing results.

Another thing to have is bamboo murabba. The bamboo tree is well known for its height, having a way to get its nutrients can be very beneficial. This can be bought online as well.

The last thing to say is having a long height can be impressive but never more than having good behaviour and attitude.

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