How to Improve Eyesight naturally at Home?

If you have eyesight problem and you want to improve then try these methods to improve your eyesight naturally at home.

Improve your eyesight back

How to Improve Eyesight

In the present world where we are so dependent on our mobiles or laptop screen for all our work whether it is for doing classes, office work even reading books, or learn any new skill. Everything is available through a single touch.

It is next to impossible to be completely away thus, at most we can reduce our screen time, but even that is not a feasible option as to relax many prefer to watch series or movies which again expose us to the harmful radiation of the screen. 

Even for our social interaction, we turned to do make friends online which seriously do have something in common with us.

But for the satisfaction of our heart and pocket, our eyes suffer. In recent years the number of people with glasses increase by tenfold, which is quite a concern.

Common eye problems we often face.

  • Dry eyes.

  • Eyestrain

  • Redness

  • Itching

  • Decreased vision

However, there are certain practices and precautions we can take to get our eyesight back or improve it. But these are mostly ayurvedic as modern doctors don’t usually suggest anything else other than having surgery or using glasses, which is not technically possible for many to afford to continue to use.

But Ayurveda guarantees that following these methods will be quite beneficial and may relieve us from the pain.

Natural ways to improve eyesight at home.

  • Splashing your eyes - many do know that splashing our eyes with cold water first in the morning helps us, but I’m sure they often do it in the wrong way.

For properly clearing the eye, it’s necessary to first fill our mouth will water as it enlarges the blood vessels which is more beneficial for splashing water as it then hydrates properly.

  • Rosh wash - this is yet another practice that should be followed. It might be done after splashing the water as well. For this, we need virgin rose water, which is one that’s not adultered in any manner, and an eyecup. Fill the eyecup with rose water and put it on the eye and then slowly opened the eye, letting rose water nourish the eye vessels, move the pupil for more benefit. This can be done for few minutes and should be done to both eyes.

  • Eye drop - It’s necessary to use proper eye drops, but very hard to find a natural one. Despite many companies claiming it so, they are not good as the preservatives that they use are often not good for the long term. You can even make eye drops at home by mixing 5 drops of rose water with water or can use ghee.  Use of morning saliva as kajal can be used as well for the nourishment of the eye.

  • Relaxing- relation of eyes is very required after prolonged exposure to blue light. For this take a break after every 45 min at least and then splash the eyes, blink more often.

And use cucumber, rose water-dipped cotton pads, or gond kateera eye mask. Rub your palms over your eyes in a gentle way for relaxing them.

  • Eye tonic - this should be drunk at least 1-hour before breakfast. For making this we need 7 gulbandi almonds, 4 whole black pepper, and misri, crush all these and add to milk and heat it for at least 5-10 min, then drink without filtering. This drink helps a lot with our eye muscles.

  • Mahatriphala ghrit -  it is considered as the nectar for the eyes and very useful in conjunctivitis and other eye problems. This can be taken in milk with abhrak bhasm before bedtime. Along with that can be used as eye drops as well, the vision will go blurry for few minutes but fear not it’s just working.

  • Massage - the acupressure point of the optical nerve lies in our feet and massaging our feet with any cold-pressed oil daily before bed helps us to relieve stress as well as improve our sight. Walking barefoot and practising sarvaang asana helps us to increase blood circulation.

  • Food - add at least one amla to your diet daily which acts as a miracle for our eyes, along with it add green moong and A2 desi cow ghee to the diet.


As precautionary use, UV protected glasses are always outside for protection against harmful radiation And use proper screen guards that can reduce our eye strain. And always turned on the blue light filter of your screen.

Practice these methods and you’ll be amazed to see the benefits.

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