How to Get Rid of Dark Circles at Home

If you have dark circles in your eyes and want o get rid of them but you do not know any ways then read this article on healthyblogzone about How to Get rid of dark circles.

Get Rid of Dark Circles

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles can be pretty annoying, reducing the overall shine of our face. It’s a common problem, especially among females. The chances of having a dark circle are common between 16yr- 25yr. 

It often affects our beauty and may also affect our personality giving the impression of having

A tiring or kind of stressed-out life. However, the reason behind this can be many.

Reasons behind having dark circles?

  • Genetics - The first and foremost reason can be our genetics. Our vessels under our eyes may dilate because of some inborn allergies or poor blood circulation in our body which may cause vessels to build up under our eyes. Or we may have darker pigmentation under our eyes compared to the rest of our skin or having thin skin on our eyes may reflect darker pigmentation beneath those skin.

  • Post-inflammatory- many people consciously or unconsciously rub their eyes which may cause capillary disruption leading to weakening of blood cells leaking. As a result, blood pools under the skin and creates dark circles. So rubbing your is the last thing you wanna do when want to get rid of dark circles. 

  • Vascular-  as we age our skin slowly starts losing its ability to hide the color of blood vessels under our eye which is either blue, pink, or purple. The area under our eye seems darker cause we are literally seeing the blood under the surface of our skin.

  • Shadow effect- if we have more gaps below our eyes, the shadow can give the effect of having dark circles. Having an eye bag can be pretty annoying and make sometimes give the impression of having an unhealthy lifestyle.

Common reasons for having dark circles.

  • Lack of sleep- not having proper sleep makes the body tiring, not giving a proper time for the body to heal itself disrupts the hormonal balance. And the skin beneath the eye is very thin and having dark circles may represent our unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Excess sun exposure- being in presence of sun for a prolonged period of time may affect our eye skin which makes it look dark. UV radiation does affect our eyes badly than one anticipates.

  • Disease/illness- having diseases can put our body on a lot of medication disrupting the balance of our body and makes our body tiresome and this is shown in our face in form of dark circles.

  • Improper food lifestyle- having an improper diet like having street foods or packaged food all the time which don’t fulfill our nutrients needs may make our skin and body look dull and having dark circles is an impression of having it.

Even having alcohol and smoking may be the reason for it as well.

  • Restraining eyes-  restraining our eyes put unnecessary strain on our eyes and this may also be one of the reasons for dark circles.

Things to Look After in the eye cream

Eye creams can pretty helpful for our dark circles as they help in reducing melanin production thus reducing pigmentation.

They also hydrate our eye skin and help in maintaining the proper eye skin.
With an endless line of eye care products available in the market offered by many companies, it must be pretty confusing to choose the right product. And sometimes while running behind the brand name we often end up choosing the wrong product which instead of treating, ends up worsening the situation. 

So we should always look at the ingredients list while choosing any skincare products.

Ingredients that must be available in our eye creams are

  • Kojic acid

  • Arbutin

  • Azelaic acid

  • Mulberry extract

  • Tyrostat

  • Retinoic acid

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Vitamin C

Natural way to treat our Dark Circles at Home

The market available eye creams can be really helpful but sometimes can end up emptying our pocket and it may be hard for some to continue for a long period of time.

So two of the most pocket-friendly and  home remedy can be

  1. Combination of mint leaves and cucumber juice- so we have to grind the mint leaves and mix it with cucumber juice and then put the paste below our eyes. This helps in cooling our eyes and practicing this thrice a week helps in lowering our dark circles.

  2. Use of inknut - this is the easily available and cheapest option available. Just make a paste using it by rubbing against a stone tab and put this below our eye.

Try these methods and they sure will help in reducing them and if it’s way too much contact a dermatologist.

Final Words

If you are have dark circles and you do not know how to get rid of dark circles of permanently then here's this guide for you to remove dark circles on healthyblogzone. It will help you out to remove dark circles permanently at home.

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