(BEST WAY) How to cure Acne - Home Remedies

If you are struggling because of your acne problems and they are not getting away then red this article on healthblogzone about how to cure acne

How to cure Acne?

How to cure Pimples?

Often maximum people face the problem of acne or pimples in their life especially during their adolescent phase (14-19) And having it can be irritating, sometimes lowering the morale, running away from clicking photos, or participating in group activities.

So there is a gland called the sebaceous gland which is an exocrine gland in the skin responsible for secreting an oily or waxy matter, called sebum which lubricates our skin.

But when due to hormonal changes or excess outside activities, these glands secrete more oil which when combined with bacteria causes Pimples. And the cluster of these pimples is known as Acne.

There can be other reasons as well for having acne like genetics, skin type, types of skincare products one is using, and most importantly Lifestyle. And if someone’s acne is very high, it is recommended to contact a good dermatologist, because self-treatment in severe cases may worsen the situation. Though the probability of having a severe case is very low, and often home treatment is enough.

For starters, one should know their skin type before proceeding any further, which are Dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin.

Now about-face wash, one should use only those which have Salicylic acid in them (salicylic acid is known for treating acne by reducing swelling and redness and help in opening up of skin pores) and is free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic colors, talc, fragrance, and phthalates.

How to Cure Acne?

Now some of the healthy routines one should follow for having clear and smooth skin at home.

1) Drink plenty of water.

Now everyone surely knows this, but it’s hard to correctly know what is plenty for one, different body types have different requirements. So to keep this simple, always ensure that your urine is clear. As it shows that the toxins produced in the body are regularly getting flushed out

2) DIET 

Now almost every person underestimates the benefit of having a good and healthy diet. But one should know that what we eat ultimately gets reflected on our skin and body.

Therefore one should definitely avoid oily and fatty foods as they increase the oil percentage in our body resulting in oily skin which when in contact with dirt and bacteria causes acne.

If possible one should eat as much as raw foods like salads, fruits, sprouts, peas, yogurts, and water-rich foods 

One can include fruit juices in their diet as well.


Including exercise in daily routine gives new life to the skin as the better flow of blood and proper working conditions of all the muscle makes it look healthy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a heavy gym workout. But a proper home workout along with some yoga is sufficient enough.


One should try to wash his face at least once or twice with good face wash (for this check ingredient, not the brand) if it's the oily face, and if it is normal or dry face try to use face wash only once other time just use water otherwise the skin will get drier and it will irritate a lot then.

Use products to keep your face cool like using natural aloe vera gel, applying homemade masks made of curd and gram flour. One can use ice wrapped in silk or cotton clothes for a few minutes to slowly rub on the skin.

This helps in maintaining good blood flow and lowers the oil production or heat on the skin. But these excessively can hurt the skin making it rough and coarse.

Things to avoid doing during acne.

  1. Use a face scrubber on a daily basis, as it will affect the soft skin layer making it rough and dull. And will also increase redness which ultimately lowers the glow of the skin. Try to do it once or twice a week utmost and that too gently.

  2. Avoid touching your face as your hands have a lot of bacteria and dust which when touched with skin pores go inside causing pimples.

  3. Avoid pinching your acne with nails as it may increase the acne and may even cause severe infection.

  4. Avoid the use of dirty towels or handkerchiefs, if possible use faces tissues.

  5. Last but most important avoid stress, no matter how silly it sounds it affects a lot. When stressed our body heals acne slower than it should. So don’t ponder much on your acne. It surely will get healed.

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