[BEST WAY] How to Build Muscles at Home

If you want to grow your musles at home but you do not know any way then read this article on How to Build Muscles at home.

How to build muscles

How to Build Muscles at Home

Who doesn’t desire to have big and chiseled muscles representing that of a Roman gladiator radiating power and disciplined lifestyle from every muscle fiber of their being?

The thirst for having toned muscles is desired by mostly everyman at least once, yet despite training hard, they aren’t able to shape their body as desired.  And this demotivation often makes them lose their ways and it’s quite displeasing to see.

Everyone who wants to walk on the path of this disciplined lifestyle must have to know how important our diet and exercise matter in this regard. However in this modern world full of oily and unhealthy food wherever we go, whether it’s on the streets or restaurants.

It is very hard to continue being on diet, and this slows our muscle growth. So in the following blog, I will tell what can be a proper diet idea as well as what you should avoid.

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What to eat to Build Muscles

As told in the previous blog that our muscle grows only when our muscle fiber breaks and gets repaired after on. After repairing they grow bigger and stronger than before to support the weight or training done afterward.

For having bigger muscle is very important to be on calorie surplus then only the extra energy will be used to form additional muscle fiber. 

Now the most important nutrient to have is protein along with proper carbs. And above all, a blanched diet is well required as well.

Protein ideas to build muscles

Now protein is present in ample amounts in non-vegetarian foods, however, it becomes difficult for people who are vegan or vegetarian to fulfill this requirement, but even then it can be done.

Ways to fulfill protein requirements for vegetarians.

  1. Soy chunks- this food contains among the highest protein contain. 100 grams of uncooked soya chunks have 345 calories with 52 grams of protein, 0.5 grams total fat, 33 grams of carbs, and 13 grams of fiber. However many are concerned that soy chunks can give them man boobs, which is nothing but a myth, the amount of estrogen is not and will never be enough to alter your hormone level until and unless you only eat soy chunks all the time which is humanly not possible. Therefore including soya chunks in your diet is a nice way to contribute to your protein requirements. Even plant proteins have a considerable share of soya in them.
  2. Paneer - including paneer in our diet has always been a great choice in Indian households. 100 grams of it have about  23 grams of protein and that of high quality. However, vegans can have tofu as an alternative for this which is usually prepared from soy milk.
  3. Lentils- when compared with other beans lentils come at second place in having protein content after soya beans. 100 grams song it has around 9.02 grams of protein, packed many other nutritional values, this surely should be a part of daily diet plan. Along with this one can have chickpeas, edamame beans, green peas, black beans, chia seeds as well.

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Ways to fulfill protein requirements for Non-vegetarian

Compare to vegetarian sources there are many options available in nonveg and all easily available as well even on the streets

  1. Chicken breasts-this typical skinless and boneless part of chicken is a great source of protein and as cheery on top is low on fat as well. Around  31 grams of protein is available in 100 grams. With only 3.6 grams of fat.
  2. Egg whites- most easily available and preferred part of an egg (over yolk). Packed with an ample amount of protein and essential minerals without any cholesterol, this food can be part of the diet always.
  3. Chicken liver- this part of chicken is a basket of nutrients as well. And, any prefer it over breasts as well especially because of its tastes. It has 24 grams of protein per 100 grams with 6.5 grams of fat.

Things to avoid Build Muscles

Having a strict and diet always connected to our food routine is never easy, but even then there are few things we should avoid at all costs if we are disciplined and is concerned about our goals.

  • Avoid oily foods- oily foods like chole bhature, samosa, kachori have always been Indians’ fav. But despite pleasing our taste buds they fail to please our muscles and body. They increase out fat percentage which makes it hard for the muscle to reveal themselves. To avoid this and as an alternative have somethings plain and simple.
  • Avoid packaged or canned food- packed with bad cholesterol and excess fat they bring nothing but harm to the body. So try to keep as much distance as possible from them.



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