[Best Ways] How to to sleep Fast At Night?

If you have insomina or you can not sleep at night then here are some tips you can do to sleep fast at night.

Sleep fast at night

sleep fast at night

We all know how important sleep is for our body and its proper maintenance.

Despite all these, we sometimes feel hard to sleep peacefully and within time. And this screws over our whole next day, we feel lethargic, irritated, annoyed, bored, and sometimes have headaches or body pain as well.

The cause for not having proper sleep can be many but if it's for a prolonged period it's better to see a doctor as it may imply some underlying mental problems like depression or anxiety.

However, those are some rare problems. In most cases, the reason is not knowing what's the optimal conditions for having proper sleep and that too fast.

Insomnia is common these days and it means having regular trouble with sleeping.

Common symptoms of insomnia can be:-

  • It's difficult to go to sleep.

  • Waking up amidst the sleep many times.

  • Stay awake the whole night despite trying not to.

  • Ended up waking up early and cannot go to sleep.

  • Feel tired despite having 8 hours of sleep.

  • Find it hard to have a nap despite feeling tired.

  • Feeling tired and irritated the whole day.

  • Having trouble with concentration.

How much sleep is required?

It's different for different age groups of people.

On average

An adult requires at least 7-9 hr. of sleep.

Children need at least 9- 13 hr. of sleep.

And, toddlers and babies require 12-17 hr.

But in the end, it's the quality of sleep that matters, some feel tired and daisy despite having sufficient amounts of sleep.

Things not to do for having proper sleep.

These are some of the common mistakes which people make unknowingly and this ends up disturbing their sleep cycle.

  • Having caffeine- having caffeine at least before 5 hours of sleep can end up disturbing your sleep cycle as they are known to keep you awake and draw out latent energy.

  • Having alcohol- now having alcohol before sleep can surely lead you to sleep fast but this will also make you wake up tired. Hence in the end the quality of your sleep gets ruined.

  • Having water- having a lot of water before sleep can make you wake at the midnight and you already know why. So try to avoid having too much water before sleep.

  • Doing exercises- doing vigorous exercise at least before 3 hours of sleep can end up disturbing your sleep as the body is full of energy and this won't let you sleep properly.

  • Using phones- use of phones at least before 30min of trying to sleep can hinder it. As the blue light emitted from the screen can end up messing with your sleep.

  • Empty or full stomach- eating having food before sleep is as bad as eating nothing. As the heavy meal needs more time to get digested, this won't let you sleep peacefully and the same goes for an empty stomach as it will be hard for you to have a peaceful sleep if your stomach is demanding food.

Things to do for sleeping fast.

  • Use of proper clothes- the use of proper nightwear is very important as it gives enough space and comfort to your body. For this prefer using loose cotton clothes as they are much more comfortable for the body.

  • Stretching- doing some yoga and proper stretching before sleep relaxes your muscles and whole body which helps you sleep faster. For this you can do simple leg stretching, don't do it rigorously, just feel all the pain going away. And you can rotate your foot and wrist. Do whatever makes your body feel light.

  • Darkroom- turn off all the lights in the room. Having a proper sleeping environment is as necessary as anything else. Prefer having a dark room and all the kinds of sound off. It should feel like a pure relaxing environment.

  • Practice 4-7-8 breathing technique- This method is said to be one of the most effective ones. For this, inhale air for 4 seconds, then hold it for 7 seconds and then exhale slowly for 8 seconds letting all your muscles get loose. Doing this method properly 4-5 times is enough to make you fall asleep.

  • Meditation- meditation before sleep also helps your body as it relaxes you and also doesn't let you focus on any unnecessary thoughts.

  • Comfortable mattress and sleeping position- having a comfortable and soft mattress is also very important. And same goes for having proper sleep posture. For knowing your suitable sleep posture, read the following blog.

Know that compromising with your sleep can have a pretty adverse effect on your health and body, so try to have as comfortable and deep sleep as possible.

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