Best Healthy Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday

If you are wondering why you need to drink milk everyday then you are on the right article, today i am going to tell you some benefits of drinking Milk everyday.

Benefits of Drinking Milk

Benefits of Drinking Milk

In Indian households, milk has always been considered an important part of the daily lifestyle. The wonders of milk never cease to amaze anyone.

The cow is treated as a god in Hindu culture and milk is the nectar that can fulfill all the requirements of the human body. Milk is considered a whole food as it provides us 18 out of 22 sources of essential nutrients.

Nutritional values of milk

Calories- 149   - Calcium -30%

Carbs-11g     - Phosphorus-25%                 

Protein- 8g      - Vitamin D- 24%

Fat- 8g            - Vitamin B12- 20%

Water- 88%     - Potassium- 10%


Along with iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, magnesium, vitamin E,  vitamin B1, B6

Casein-80%, Whey-20%, Fat-4%, Carbs- 5%

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Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday

Below are some benefits of drinking milk everyday.

  • Bone development and health - now the major reason we were all given milk is that it’s supposed to provide us with calcium which ultimately will make us stronger. We all must have heard this from our mother, even during any bone injury we were given milk with a pinch of turmeric 


  • Appetite control- milk is considered a full meal in itself, so drinking milk provides us with satisfaction for a considerable long time.

  • Good source of quality protein- the protein derived from milk is considered one of the best types and thus milk helps in muscle recovery as well. Even the whey protein used by bodybuilders is extracted from milk.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety- milk acts as a stress buster as well, drinking a glass of warm milk slowly helps in reducing stress and eases the mind.

  • Rich in antioxidants- milk and other dairy food products provides us with fat-soluble antioxidants which are essential for fighting oxidative stress in our nervous system, heart, brain, and lungs.

  • Other benefits-help in mental growth and development, boosts energy and immunity, have a neutral effect on the heart. 

Best Ways and Time to Drink Milk

  • Anytime after sunset- usually, people drink it any time which is not necessarily bad but drinking it after sunset lessens the burden on our digestive system, as all the necessary enzymes required to digest milk tend to be produced after sunset.

And it is more beneficial to drink it as the last meal of the day, that is before bedtime.

  • At least a two-hour gap between milk and dinner- milk in itself is a complete meal and drinking it alongside dinner is like having two meals at a time which puts a lot of stress on our digestive system. So it is the best advice to maintain at least a two-hour gap.

  • Always drink it warm- many prefer to have cold iced milk, even though it has great taste but it affects our digestive system.

As milk is already hard to digest, and drinking it cold makes it, even more, harder, so it is always advisable to drink it at room temperature or a little warm as it widens the gap between the molecules making it easier to digest. 

  • Don’t make it a slow poison- for the sake of our taste buds, we prefer having little salty something along with milk like mixture or bhujiya which nothing but makes the combination poisonous.

  • Always have milk without any additional things be it salty, sour, or anything.

Utmost only have which is properly sweetened or ripe like a banana( if looking for weight gain) or have jaggery/mishri powder mixed. 

Never use artificial sugar as they are loaded with chemicals so they up making milk less digestible.

Side Effects of Drinking Milk

  • Acne problem- due to rising demand for milk and short supply, producers tend to use underhanded tricks to fill their pocket without shorting on supply by adultering the milk or by giving different types of hormonal injection to cows in greed for having more milk.

And these adultered milk can throw off our hormonal balance causing acne or other skin-related problems.

  • Lactose intolerance- it’s not the fault of milk but 60-65% of people are unable to handle milk consumption as their body can’t produce enough enzyme (lactase) to digest milk sugar (lactose).

  • Constipation, indigestion, acidity- many don’t know the proper way of drinking milk due which they took very bad combination along with milk which ended uptaking huge their digestive system leading to the problem of constipation, indigestion, or acidity.

  • Can cause fracture- a Swedish study shows that drinking more milk is not always better, having three or more glasses can increase the risk of fracture and hip fracture.

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Final words

If you are wondering why your parents always said to drink milk everyday. You do not know why we need to drink milk everyday then you should read this article. Read this article to know benefits of drinking milk everyday.

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