What are Some Important benefits and side effects of Coffee?

Coffee: Benefits and its Side Effects

Benefits and side effects of Coffee?

Coffee has been an integral part of many lives. Not because everyone knows about it but because it tastes good and is addictive. Coffee primarily contains caffeine in it which is a type of drug but is legal and used in many medicines also.

Caffeine, having many benefits, has some side effects as well. But that usually happens when someone crosses their prescribed dose of daily caffeine intake which is at max 300mg per day as directed by the FDA. One cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine but it doesn't mean that you can have 3 cups as there are many other things that you consume that have caffeine as well. So it's better to keep your coffee intake to a minimum, maybe once in 2-3 days. 

Coffee is considered to be on par with weeb in terms of addictiveness. The reason behind this is caffeine molecular structure is similar to that of adenosine, so instead of adenosine, adenosine receptors catch caffeine molecules, and thus our mind doesn't get a signal that our body is tired or in a state of fatigue. Caffeine helps to trick our brain that we aren't tired and thus makes us feel energetic.

Following we will try to list out all the benefits and side effects of coffee.

Benefits of coffee

  • As a pre-workout- many gym or fitness enthusiasts prefer having coffee as their pre-workout as this doesn't let them feel tired easily and thus helps in pushing their limits. But is it okay to do? It depends on the person's goals but it's better to use coffee when you are looking for heavy sets as using it regularly makes you dependent and thus in the long term it will get hard for you to continue sets without coffee.

  • As a face pack- coffee helps in cleansing of face and in detaining it. But it doesn't mean that you can use it daily, prefer using it once in a week or so. And if your skin doesn't suit it, refrain from continuing, but that rarely happens. Other than that, it helps to cleanse your face well.

  • As a fatigue buster- after a long day who doesn't want to just get loose and feel a little energy so it doesn't mess up their social life. This coffee helps a lot giving you a burst of energy. Though it's not like it generates energy, rather it makes your brain forget that you were tired.

  • For weight loss- it's considered among the best for weight loss, but prefer having black coffee, as the addition of milk and sugar will increase the calorie intake. Having very low calories doesn't mess up with your daily calorie intake and above that makes you energetic to burn more calories and also aids in increasing metabolism. So prefer having black coffee or green tea if you are looking for weight loss.

Now let's talk about the side effects but before that know that this only happens if you are having coffee regularly and in high quantities. In normalization, it's not bad.

Side effects of coffee

  • Addictiveness- using it daily will make you addicted to it. And unavailability makes you feel tired and fatigue which will generate anxiety within you. The reason behind this is, due to regular consumption the brain starts releasing more adenosine receptors and in absence of caffeine the receptors can't function properly and thus makes us anxious.

  • Sleep buster- due to intake of coffee at least 6 hours before, don't let us sleep as the mind is still on an active stage. The coffee requires a lot of time to get digested and thus doesn't let us sleep if by any chance we had taken it in the evening. It's better to have it in the morning though.

  • Hormonal imbalance- due to the lack of sleep, our body clock and working gets messed up and this results in many hormonal changes which are not good for our health. And it makes us feel anxious, irritated, and agitated all the time.

  • Instant high like many alcoholic or smoking substances, caffeine gives us sudden bursts of dopamine as well and this is not good for our long-term health. First, there is a chance that we might end up making irrational decisions or we can get addicted to that sudden dopamine release.

So as long as you control your coffee intake it's okay for your body and mind as it improves your work efficiency and memory as well.

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