5 Important Reasons Why You Can’t build Muscles?

If you are also training and daily going to the gym but still can not able to build muscles and you want to know the reasons then read this guide.

Reasons why you can’t build muscles?

Reasons why you can’t build muscles

In today’s world where every day we see a perfect body whether it’s on reels or shots. Everyone starts carving for having an aesthetic body as well, but despite working hard they aren’t able to get one. And this sure feels very frustrating as well as demotivating. But there is nothing to feel disheartened. There are solutions for everything with just some right effort.

The major reasons for not having proper growth can be small mistakes that you knowingly or unknowingly might be doing, and with just the right guidance you definitely can overcome those. and can have the body of your desire.

Common Reasons and its solutions

There are some common reasons why you can not build muscles but there are also some solutions and I am going to tell you 

Calorie deficit

This is one of the foremost reasons why we aren’t having proper growth.  While we are looking for growth it is necessary to be on calorie surplus so that those extra energies can be used to build your muscle and to add volume to it.

Though you might fear to have fat so that’s why you are not letting yourself be on surplus. But fear not this won’t happen, as long as you are having proper nutrients and doing your exercises properly and on daily basis. There is almost no chance that you’ll have increased fat instead of muscles.

Always remember that no matter how hard you are doing your reps, if your diet is not accordingly it won’t show on your body. Try to keep at least a 150-300 calorie surplus.

Common myth- some often complain that even though being in surplus they aren’t able to increase their muscle volume. However it is not possible, the problem must be in their estimation of their calorie, either they arent properly considering how much they are burning or they are overestimating their calorie intake.

It is very important to take the proper measurements as well as take proper notes of burns. 

Nutrients deficiency

Despite being in surplus sometimes people aren’t able to have proper growth. Then the possible reason can be that they arent have proper nutrients as required by muscles to repair themselves and add volume to it

The most important nutrient is protein while your goal is having a proper aesthetic body or toned body. Our muscles grow by repairing themselves. While we perform heavy exercise it breaks the muscle fiber and when it gets repaired they are more efficient, stronger, and bigger than before. And this is how one achieves their body goals by constant breaking and repairing. And for repairing it’s most important to have proper consumption of protein as they are necessary for our muscle growth.

Noe how much protein is necessary. At a minimum, it is important to have at least 1g per body weight, and if possible you can have 1.5g per kg as well.

Remember 1g of protein constitutes up to 4calories, so if your consumption is 80g it means you are having 320 calories as protein.

Light intensity workout 

This is also one of the common mistakes done by amateurs

Remember that the goal of the workout is to come out of your comfort zone and surpass your limits here and now. If you continue doing light intensity or high rep low weight workouts, it is very difficult to put on muscle mass. 

High reps workouts are beneficial when you are looking for an athletic body as they are required to have long during mobility with controlled breathing and less tiredness.

But for growing muscles, it is important to lift weight and focus on heavyweight training circuits as they are only responsible to break the muscle fiber which later can be repaired.

Adding supersets to your workout routine at least once a week is also very important as they break free of the comfort zone. In last I want to end by quoting Mohammad Ali quote


Be consistent and have proper counting and soon you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

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