Benefits of drinking cold water - How cold water helps you to stay healthy

If you want to know about how drinking water benefits on your health then read this article on Healthyblogzone. These are some benefits which you get after drinking cold water. 

Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

As you all know drinking water is very essential for your life. Your doctor also2 recommends you to drink atleast 8 glasses of water in a day to stay healthy and hydrated. Many people recommends you to drink warm water as it has many benefits that will help you to live a healthy life but drinking cold water also good for your health which always misunderstood by people.

Today, In this blog, you will get to know about the benefits of drinking cold water that you may never know. As people suggests that drinking warm water and room temperature water is healthy for your body and it helps to lose weight, stay hydrated etc. but here are some benefits you will get by drinking cold water.

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5 Benefits of drinking Cold Water

Here are some benefits of drinking cold water that will helps you to stay healthy and hydrated. 

1. Boost workout 

When you workout you feel tired and for energy you drink water between workouts. You took sips of water that will help you to finish your workout. It is observed that when you workout your body temperature goes high and if you drink warm water then you may feel more tired. Drinking cold water will help you to finish your workout and will keep you energized. 

When you drink cold water it will help you to perform better and burn calories which is good for your health. If you drink cold water then it will give you energy and you will not feel tired soon.

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2. Helps in fighting Heat Stroke 

Drinking Cold water in summers is good. Drinking cold water helps you to fight heat stroke. Your body absorbed cold water easily and quickly as compared to hot or warm water. In summer our body temperature remains high most of the time and by drinking hot water it will also increases temperature. 

If you ever experience heat stroke then drink a glass of cold water. Cold water will help you to feel relaxed. 

3. Easing Pain 

Drinking Cold water helps to stay alert and ease pain. When you drink cold water, your mind feel attentive and that will help you to make better decision. Cold water activates your sensors and add an adrenaline that will makes you feel alive. 

Adrenaline will not only makes your mind attentive or focused but it also increases the tendency of bear pain. We often see that if people involved in an accident they were given a glass of cold water to make attentive and alert their mind and to ease their pain. Drinking cold water will helps you to ease pain and stay healthy.

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4. Glowing skin

Cold water helps you in glowing skin. By drinking cold water you will get a healthy glow as cold water encourage blood to rush to the skin's surface. Hot water strips your skin of essential oils but cold water works as opposite. Glowing skin is one of the benefit of drinking cold water you can get. 

5. Helps in Weight loss

Many people misunderstood that cold water causes to gain weight by slowing down the metabolism. But it's not true. Drinking cold water helps you to lose weight. Many people think that by drinking hot or warm water will help them to lose weight and drinking cold water causes to weight gain. It's true that warm or hot water helps you to lose weight but drinking cold water will helps you to lose weight early as compared to hot water.

Cold water burns 60 calories in a day which is equal to the calories burn by walking for 15 minutes. A glass of cold water burn 7-8 more calories then the normal water. Cold water burns more calories, sugar and fat that lead to lose weight.

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Final Words

If you want to know is cold water helps you in weight loss or not then i hope now you get your answer. Hot water helps you in weight loss everybody knows but cold water also helps you in several ways. 

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