5 Ways: How to get water out of ears?

If you also face problems to get water out of the ear then here's some best ways to get water out of ear.

How to get water out of your ear

How to get water out of ears?

 Swimming is the most common reason of water gets trapped in ear but is can happened at other times too. There are many causes of water gets trapped in ear like bath or shower. Sometimes water drain out of your ear naturally. If water does not drain out naturally of ear then it may develop an infection. This infection known as otitis externa or swimmer's ear.

People feel many problem related to sound or hearing as sound may be muffled when water get trapped in their ears. You may also experience a tickling sensation that extends from ear to jaw or throat. If water trapped for long time you may feel pain from ear to jaw or throat.  

Whenever water gets trapped in your ear you should avoid inserting objects like pens, pins, fingers or cotton- tipped swabs. There are many ways to get water out of your ear. Using pens, pins or finger may harm your ear canal that's why your should safely get water out of your ear.

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5 ways to get water out of your ear 

Here are simple ways by which you can get water out of your ear safely. 

1. Jiggle your earlobe 

The easiest and simplest way to get water out of your ear by tug and jiggle your earlobe. You can gently tug and jiggle your earlobe while tilting the head in a downward motion to shoulder. By doing this the water get easily out of your ear for this, you can also try to shake your head from side to side. 

2. Use blow dryer 

You can also use blow dryer to get water out of your ear. Blow dryer can easily evaporate the water inside your earlobe. One thing you should remember while using blow dryer is to hold dryer one feet far from your ear and move it in a back-and-forth motion. 

You should tugging the earlobe down while using the dryer and let the heat of dryer evaporate the trapped water.

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3. Try Olive oil

 You can also use olive oil to get water out of your ear. Olive oil can prevent your ear from infection. First thing you have to do is to warm some oil in a bowl and before using it check the temperature by putting few drops on your hands. temperature of oil should be normal. If the oil is hot or not of normal temperature then try to wait until it comes to normal temperature. 

You can put this oil in a clean dropper and place a few drops of oil into the affected ear. After putting drops in your affected ear lie on the other side of your ear and keep the ear downward and let the water drains out of your ear. 

4. Create a vacuum 

Try to create a vacuum that will help you to draw the water away. You can create a vacuum by moving your head sideways and keep your palm tightly over the ear. By rapidly flattening and cupping the palm over the ear may help you. Then move your head down get water of your ear.

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5. Take over the counter Medication 

You can also take over the counter medication. there are many over the counter medication eardrops available which you can use There are many alcohol-based eardrops available that help to reduce the moisture in your outer ear canal. these type of eardrops also killed the bacteria and removes earwax from your ear.    

Final Words

If you are also struggling on daily basis to get water out of ear and you do not know any method to get water out of ear then am sure you now know some easy ways to get water out of ear and they will help you. 

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